Success Stories

Meet Adam.

Adam's mom was a patient in our office for a few weeks when she asked if we could help her son with his bed wetting. I said, it's possible, how long has he been wetting the bed? She told me that he had been wetting the bed for 16 years. STOP, can you imagine the trauma this boy/young man has been living with for all of these years?  she scheduled him an appointment for the next day.  I checked his spine and found the area of concern that is directly related to his bladder. A little back story here. She had taken him to several doctors both in Jackson and even to Vanderbilt. I asked her what the doctors at Vandy told her.  She said they told her that it was as if his bladder and his brain aren't communicating with each other.  I said that is exactly whats going on. What they couldn't tell her was why.  The following day we reviewed his findings and he received an adjustment.  I had him schedule three times a week for the following few weeks. On his follow up visits, he typically had a buddy with him, so we didn't discuss his "real" compliant.  Imagine that getting out at school, for a 16 year old, none the less.  About two weeks into care, it was just him and his mom.  I asked, how's the bed wetting going?  And what he said was so exciting. He said, "I haven't wet the bed since the first adjustment." Years of suffering turned around in a moment.  From wetting the bed every night, taking the sheets off and washing them everyday, to now being able to enjoy life, it is awesome!

Meet Dora, "The Jet skiing Grandma"

Dora came to us from her Orthopedic surgeon.  She had been having multiple episodes of lower back pain over the years.  She had already had surgery on both knees, and both hips.  Her Surgeon told her to come see us.  She spent most of her time in a hospital bed set up in her living room.  After listening to her concerns, and after a through evaluation, Dr. Konnie found several areas of concern, and Dora began Chiropractic care. 

Fast forward about 4 to 6 months. It was summertime, Dora came in really happy and excited. Dr. Konnie asked, whats going on?  Dora said that she was riding on the back of a jetski with her grandson over the weekend. Dora was back to living life full again, she no longer spent her days in the hospital bed in her living room, it was actually taken down.  She referred many of her friends and family members to the office after her experience with Chiropractic.

Meet Issac.

Issac presented to us as a 3 and 1/2 week old infant.  He was not gaining weight, not pooping, and was very fussy.  His mom said that he would nurse for an hour and 45 minutes at a time, and still was not getting enough milk.  Dr. Jeff found that his TMJ was an issue and his cervical spine, both not allowing him to latch on and nurse properly.  After his first adjustment, Issac slept for three hours.  HIs mom Said that he nursed for 30 - 45 minutes at a time now and was having a bowel movement after each feeding. Mom brought him back the following week for a follow up and he is gaining weight, resting and has normal bowel function.  Infants respond beautifully to Chiropractic care.  It is Awesome to see them turn around and to see how happy mom is, now that she can get some rest as well.


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